Friday, 1 November 2013

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I think the police in Walford have been really corrupt covering up that Whitney Dean abused poor Dennis Rickman Jr let's be honest I can not say that Walford or any where in Soapland have the best police as quoted in EastEnders: The Murders of Lucas Johnson, Walford is filled with the rejects of the detective schools and that if they were Cracker or if they were Inspector Morse they would work out who dunnit quite quickly, I mean even go other to EastStreet for Children In Need and it seems quite suspicious and bizarre that the forensic expert in Tracy Barlow's murder trial was a fraud , that was outlandish but this is just ridiculous and down right criminal that Walford Police are covering up the abuse of Dennis Rickman which their job is to notice for crying out loud she threatened the boy in front of Sharron Dennis Jr's Mum! I think that is undeniable proof Whitney assaulted and abused Dennis and it defies logic that Walford police are covering it up it is not like Whitney has a rich family to get a OJ Simpson esque lawyer I mean Robert Kardashian is so dead that Ali G buys his old clothes from the Barlow's cash converters in Coronation Street still that probably don't stop people making accounts of him on facebook Carol Vorderman probably thinks he has an pseudonym well here's a clue love it's not Frankie Boyle! I also doubt that considering David Wicks only has 1 quid to his name after getting beat up upon return to Albert Square on I doubt he can pay a bribe to the police why are they covering up the blatant abuse and assault of Dennis Rickman with out a motive to do so? I do have a theory torment poor Dennis all his life letting the likes of Whitney abuse him and when he murders somebody as per Ben Mitchell they might win a case - that's my theory am I now qualified to be a detective in soapland? I frickin well hope so! You know my name is Jake Quinn not Jake Contostavlos and the last time I checked my 3 word acceptance speech at the MOBOs for N-Dubz was not interrupted by Neville the Blue Bear I did get a C and B at English and Maths they were GCSES I doubt to get into the police in Walford you need to know what Vitamin C and Vitamin B are. That's just my opinion but comprehensive or TL;DR content posted by me - MCjakeqcool have in the 6 months from 01/05/2013 to 01/11/2013 been viewed by up to 369 people from teh internets as proved by this link if people want to comment feel free as comments are enabled Thanks - MCjakeqcool

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