Friday, 12 July 2013

As per picture in this post I am having a problem uploading attack on titan due to a unknown error with windows movie maker

A big thank you to all of the people in the world, be it Ladies, Gentleman, Boys, Girls or what ever other category my viewers and/or subscribers(followers, etc) fall under as my combined views for all of my youtube videos is over quarter of a million to me that is a amazing milestone, in fact the town I come from, Swindon one of the largest in the UK(a country with a population of more than 63 million) has 209,000 people so more people than all people in my town combined have viewed my youtube channel and it is a overwhelming honor. This is not only the most recognised I am aware of being offline or online success or otherwise but I have overtaken all as far as I am aware of my classmates and friends in youtube views. It is with regret that I am writing this post to inform people from all around world who are reading this post on MCjakeqcool's Blogger that as of 12/7/13 due to what has been described as an "unknown error" by windows movie maker (as can be seen in the screenshot associated with this post) that I am unable to upload attack on titan videos to youtube which I have planned to do more information on this matter can be found here , here , here again and moar here I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused to the people who watch my attack on titan videos. Guys and Gals from all around the world comments are enabled so feel free to leave 1. Thanks, MCjakeqcool

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