Saturday, 24 July 2010

I hate gamespot

I hate gamespot, you have to things there're way, follow they rules and be intrested in what they intrested in, or they ban you. F**K THE BANHAMMER, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE BANNED USER PROFILES SO I CAN SEND MESSAGES GLORYFIYING THE MISSUSE OF GAMESPOTS UNREASONABLE S**THOLE TERMS!


gfa@gamespyid said...

I agree the worst thing about gamespot is even if you send them a message to customer service, if they don't like you they don't f**king reply. They like tories or old bill in f**king eastenders they say they'll do something which makes you want to be part of there're community as much as doing a shit in your mouth would, and they don't even do that. said...

You took the words out of my f**king mouth and still said it better then I would. Just censor the f**king S word in future!